Why This Site

It’s no secret the financial world has become a lot more dangerous—more complex, faster-moving, filled with threats to your financial life. That’s whyCongress is considering the creation of a consumer financial protection agency.

We'd like you to think of FinancialThreats.com as your personal financial protection agency—because it does three things that could save you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars:

First, we sift through dozens of different sources of news,        searching for financial threats, so you don’t have to.

Second, we  serve up only the most useful facts in short, easy-to- read articles, all in one place.

Third—and this is crucial—we offer specific recommendations on how you could protect yourself, including websites we’ve selected as the best of their kind for readability and useful content.

All of which can help you make more profitable decisions about how to handle your financial life. For example:

Help guide your career. What is the overall job picture? Which industries and professions are still growing? Which are lagging? What are the chances your income will drop, even if you’re not fired?

• Help make decisions about your home.  Will home values keep falling? Would renting be a better option? Should you try to renegotiate your mortgage?

• Help evaluate the strength of your 401(k) or other investments. Considering the news and opinions you read here and elsewhere, are you comfortable with the amount you have in Stocks, in Bonds, and in Cash? Do you like the balance between Domestic and Foreign? Between Large Caps and Small Caps?

Help judge the safety of your bank. Is it a zombie bank? Has it asked for government funds? Has it passed the Federal stress test?

Help decide what kind of car to buy. What is the likely price of oil in six months or a year? Are hybrids worth the extra cost? Which car brands are likely to become history?

Help judge the financial health of your life insurance company. What kind of rating does it have from A. M. Best and other ratings agencies? Has it asked for Federal funds? Can you trust it to be there when you need it?

Other topics include air travel, credit cards, health insurance, inflation, interest rates, utilities, taxes, cash, college, retirement, social security, and scams.

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