About FinancialThreats.com

FinancialThreats.com gives you a fast, easy way to get news and ideas about a broad range of events that could threaten your financial security. In addition, you get short, practical tips on what you could do to protect yourself: situations to avoid, websites to visit, actions to consider. There’s even a column on good news, because there’s always some.

Who runs it? FinancialThreats.com is a joint production of Richard Evans and Andrew Bromberg, both of whom have spent many years working in and with the financial services industry. Evans is the site’s editor.

Coming from a background in financial advertising, Evans noticed that stock pickers (brokerage firm analysts and mutual fund managers) usually do not outperform relevant index funds, despite their enviable income.

He waded into the subject more deeply, reading scholarly papers and especially the work of Nobel laureates Harry Markowitz and William Sharpe, as well as books by Princeton professor Burton Malkiel and Vanguard founder John Bogle.

All this study prompted him to write a book on investing, The Index Fund Solution, published by Simon & Schuster in 1999 and 2000, which led to his working as a Registered Investment Advisor for several years. He also developed a website, www.TheCorporateFox.com, which helps people succeed in the corporate world.

When the recession started, he saw the need for a site that would warn people about potentially dangerous financial events. With this in mind, Evans went looking for partner who could translate this vision into a practical reality. He found the right person in Andrew Bromberg.

At FinancialThreats.com, Bromberg serves as an idea generator, internet marketing guru, graphic designer, and website builder. He has served the financial services industry as a consultant for over 15 years, gaining a broad range of marketing and management experience. His experience includes writing marketing materials for the American Management Association and Boardroom Reports.

Bromberg has a long and varied career in business. In additon to his consulting, he has owned a printing and publishing company; developed web-based and classroom sales and product training for the healthcare and financial services industries; and designed and built websites and marketing materials for a variety of for- and not-for-profit firms.

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